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Five Items for New Homes

On October 31, 2011 By

I was on a call today with some of the key Universal Design experts and advocates preparing for the special Universal Design day planned by the 50+ Council for the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, January, 2010.  It is a great and energetic group.  Universal Design is coming of age!

During the call I […]

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Japan is a breeding ground of innovations where nearly one-fourth of the population is over age sixty-five.   Compare to the United States where approximately one-eighth of the population is sixty-five or older.   (12.9% — 2009 US Census)


An article at titled “In Asia, Marketers Pay Heed to a Growing Older […]

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Is there a link between exercise and brain fitness?  If we keep our bodies fit will our brains also be healthy?

Terry Eckmann Ph.D., professor at Minot State University, Minot North Dakota, discusses the link between exercise and brain fitness in this enlightening video. She is interviewed by Colin Milner, founder and chief executive officer […]

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Ageless Education

On October 20, 2011 By

Knowledge without boundaries at The Khan Academy.

No matter what your age, you can learn almost anything for free, online and at your own pace.

Is there a subject you’ve always wanted to learn?  Or a topic that you never quite understood?  Here’s your chance to refresh your knowledge or explore something new and rekindle […]

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As a seasoned explorer of both outer and inner wilderness, I advise people to learn to “discover”.

Every culture celebrates the explorer, the hero who confronts the unknown and returns with stories to enrich the community. In the last third of our lives, the repacking process takes on new significance. It brings us to […]

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Facebook for Seniors

On October 11, 2011 By

Do you have a Facebook page?  Are you thinking of joining?

You’re not alone, according to a Pew Internet study, “Older Adults and Social Media”, by Mary Maddin.

“While social media use has grown dramatically across all age groups, older users have been especially enthusiastic over the past year about embracing new networking tools.  Social networking […]

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 Few of us take the time to stop and think about what retirement actually is, let alone what it means to us personally.  If we did, we would realize that it is neither a permanent vacation nor an event that is natural because of age.  In fact, retiring at the age of 65 was formalized […]

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30 Minutes A Day

On October 3, 2011 By

It only takes 30 minutes a day.  Being physically active for 30 minutes will lower your chances of having a stroke or a heart problem, lower high blood pressure and even help prevent or manage diabetes.

Thirty minutes a day of “moderate intensity” activity is a great way to saty healthy and have more […]

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