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Research has proven that stress, anger, anxiety, when triggered in an athlete, can tighten muscles, tense up the body, hamper and negatively affect breathing, and generally act as a hindrance to performance. This result is no different if you are 19 or over 50!

For 10 months I have been lucky enough to be working […]

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You can’t eliminate all disagreements and uncomfortable situations with your parents, but you can often resolve conflicts and make your relationships run more smoothly, if you just know how!  The following ten tips will help you avoid butting heads with your aging loved ones.

 Start early. 

There are some issues that almost […]

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It is fascinating to discover how the younger generation interacts with its elders.  We asked Victoria Wyeth, the granddaughter of iconic painter Andrew Wyeth, to answer some questions about her experiences while living with her famous grandfather.  What follows is her response:

How often did you visit your grandfather? 

I was with my grandfather and […]

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Grow Your Own Salad

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Warming days and spring rains signal the start of the summer growing season.  You do not need a lot to be a gardener:  a few pots and a bag of planting mix.  Even in a few containers you can grow enough to make a salad that tastes great and is very low in […]

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Esther Watt started the Cultural Center Choral at Willow Valley Communities ten years ago after receiving encouragement from her fellow Willow Valley Residents.  Never did she imagine that her group of about 50 singers would grow to be what it is today.  Enjoy reading our interview as Esther answers questions about her musical experiences.


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When I was setting up accounts with vendors days after I began my position as Audiologist at Willow Valley Retirement Communities, many of the representatives’ reactions were some variation of, “Wow, really? An audiology department at a retirement community? I’ve never heard of something like that. What a great idea.” Offering convenient hearing health […]

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High intensity endurance weight training in moderation may be the right mix of physical activity that provides the best of cardio and weight training in half the time.

For years we have been told mixing cardo training with weight training is a must to ensure we are effectively working our cardiovascular system, however, many people […]

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