From the monthly archives: October 2012

Inner Kill is not growing. Giving up on yourself.

It’s taking the safe way.
Always covering yourself instead of taking risks.

It’s reacting. Not thinking.

It’s giving up control of your life to whatever or whoever is around you.

Inner Kill is the death of self-respect.

Some symptoms of Inner Kill:
• You […]

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Are you among the almost 80 million Boomers approaching retirement?

Are you wondering how to ensure a successful retirement or wondering if you should retire?  Before making this transition, be sure you can say “yes” to these three questions:

Do I Have Enough? Have I Had Enough? Do I Have Enough […]

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The disease, Shingles or Herpes Zoster, is a very common illness among older adults. For many years researchers have been raising questions as to why this is the case. The most common understanding among geriatricians is that we are dealing with a suppressed or less reactive immune system that tends to decline with aging. Since […]

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   A Second World Record Based on Team Work and No Performance Enhancing Drugs.

On September 29th 2012 just a short walk from where Nik Wallenda started his world record tight rope walk in June 2012, I attempted to set another Guinness World Record for the most amount of weight sumo deadlifted in one minute […]

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In Defense of Plan B

On October 22, 2012 By

In popular language, ‘Plan B’ is used to mean a reserved, secondary plan, in case a first plan (typically ‘Plan A’) fails. In short, Plan B is second best. I think Plan B gets a bad rap; there is a lot to be said for Plan B.

Take the client whose house sells more quickly than expected, […]

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Is usability testing prior to release a lost art for smart phone software?  This is a big month for new phone launches — first Nokia and Microsoft, then iPhone, then Android. Wonder how well they’ll all work? Here’s an arcane little item from a now-dated phone: If you accidentally or on purpose double […]

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Retirement Myths

On October 16, 2012 By

One of the most quoted retirement myths is that you should have less money in stocks as you get older.

I was playing golf recently with a gentleman in his early 70s. He told me that his investments have returned 16% over the past two years and wondered if I thought that was good. His allocation […]

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Mary Jane worked for a company in Massachusetts and faithfully contributed to the 401(k) plan that was held at one of the larger no load fund families as custodian. She and her family moved to Pennsylvania some time later which required her to give notice to her employer. The employer did not require her […]

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On October 1, 2012 By

Finding meaning through the busy routines of work and life is not easy.  Our daily routine often lacks a sense of purpose and appears to serve no apparent end.

We need to reboot our operating systems to see beneath the surface to the place where we know not with the mind but with the heart. […]

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