From the monthly archives: April 2013

Back to the Future

On April 30, 2013 By

When we go to the villages of indigenous peoples, like the hunter-gatherer Hadza in East Africa, and we participate in that most elemental of human experiences—sitting around a fire at night, talking, trading stories, sharing wisdom—we come to notice a certain arrangement of the group emerge naturally. 

Certain people find places closer to the […]

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Ten years ago, only two professional golfers, Greg Norman and Gary Player, included strength training in their golf preparation programs.

Most golfers mistakenly believed that weight training would produce large muscles and impede their coordination, resulting in poorer golf performance. Consequently, they avoided all forms of strength exercise in favor of skill practice and gentle stretching.

While this thinking may be appropriate for […]

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My Not-So-Big House

On April 18, 2013 By

The idea behind The Not So Big House is that homes should emphasize how we actually live in them, and not focus on square footage.

In a Not So Big House, every space in the home is used every day, so a Not So Big house does not have formal rooms that are rarely used. What we […]

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The working model was influenced by my life, my studies, my clients and my teachers.  The most profound of those teachers was Viktor Frankl.

For three years, Frankl endured two Nazi concentration camps during the holocaust.  From the experience of torture, starvation and cruelty beyond imagination, he realized the human capacity to find meaning and […]

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Retiring in Pennsylvania

On April 10, 2013 By

It’s a great place to retire, but can be an expensive place to have an estate.

Pennsylvania didn’t stand out in the Tax Foundation’s annual ranking of state & local tax burden based on the 2010 fiscal year. With an average tax burden of 10.2%, Pennsylvania was […]

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Benefits of Sensible Strength Training

During the past few years more and more studies have shown that sensible strength training produces many health and fitness benefits especially for older adults. Key researchers, such as Dr. William Evans and Dr. Ben Hurley, have provided a wealth of data on the positive physiological responses to basic programs […]

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As far back as most of us can remember, even before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was formed, it was recognized that our surroundings could affect our health, even in minute ways.

This concept has taken a leap of several magnitudes in the creation of an emerging field called geomedicine.

The whole idea behind […]

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How I lost six pounds on a two-week Asian vacation: Eat like the Chinese.

I recently returned from a two-week tour of China.  What a fascinating place!  Hiking on the Great Wall, viewing the Terracotta Warriors, cruising the Yangtze, touring fabulous Shanghai – these are just a few highlights of the trip. And the people […]

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