From the monthly archives: May 2013

During the past few years there has been a lot of interest in the aging process and strategies for delaying degenerative problems. Although we all grow older, physical inactivity appears to accelerate the adverse effects of aging. Consider the physiological responses to sedentary lifestyles.

It is an unfortunate fact that about 90 percent of all […]

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Lessons from Parker

On May 20, 2013 By

I recently had the privilege of watching my 11-month old adorable grandson for eight days while my daughter and son-in-law went out of town. 

What did I learn?

Wake up smiling each day.  Parker views each morning as a great adventure waiting to happen, and he relishes every day.  So should we. Take pleasure […]

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She runs herself ragged caring for her house and kids, spends her lunch hours running errands for her aging parents, and on the rare occasion that she takes some time for herself, she may run by the salon for a quick mani/pedi!

If this is how you picture a family caregiver, you’re not alone. But […]

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Several months ago, I met with a hoarder; I’ll call him Dr. F. An 89 year old retired physician, he lives alone in a 5 bedroom house, in which every room is literally filled with “stuff.”

His kitchen has an 18-inch aisle to walk through; all other space is piled 6 feet high. He has no […]

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Most older adults don’t understand that body weight represents 2 components, namely fat weight and lean weight.

Together, the fat weight and lean weight (muscle and bone) define body composition as well as body weight.  People generally don’t realize that their body composition is much more important than their body weight, and they have little […]

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I was working with a client not long ago who afforded me one of those “epiphany” moments.

We were diligently rearranging her kitchen because she felt it difficult to work in.  She said she could not find the things she needed when she needed them, items were scattered about and nothing seemed to have any […]

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The future of uncertainty.

The April cover of Kiplinger Magazine said “Still Spooked by Stocks? How to get over your fears and learn to love the market again”.

The advice could have come a little sooner, considering the Dow finally broke through the 2007 high in […]

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