From the monthly archives: November 2013

When I was seven, I was expelled from ballet class for lack of coordination and absence of rhythm.

The ballet teacher wasn’t being cruel; she was being realistic.

I have never been able to dance. I watch other people dance and it seems so effortless. But when I try it myself, I look […]

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Theory vs. Reality

On November 21, 2013 By


An AARP study, in conjunction with Roper Public Affairs and Media, found some important, interesting, and (frankly) scary contrasts in what women reported compared to their actual situations.

The survey, “Looking at Act II of Women’s Lives: Thriving and Striving from 45 On” interviewed women from 45 to 90 years old, with an emphasis […]

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Last month I started a series on planning for retirement. Low interest rates, scarce pensions, stability concerns about Social Security, and longer life expectancy make retirement planning difficult. These concerns generate questions we help answer on a regular basis. Here are more of the most frequent questions people ask us.

Will Social Security keep […]

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Is Telecommuting a Fad?

On November 14, 2013 By

I’ve been on the road this week speaking to some fairly traditional groups–lawyers, insurance executives–and I’m getting questions about Marissa Mayer’s dictum that canceled work-from-home arrangements for Yahoo workers:

“Listen, if a Silicon Valley outfit can’t make it work, then maybe this telecommuting thing just isn’t such a good idea.”

First, I explain that […]

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It’s time for the snow birds to think about their migration to Florida and other parts south.

Man folks make a great deal out of staying for exactly 6 months and a day. They think that being in a state for more than half the year makes them domiciled in the state. Maybe yes, but […]

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Strength training is important for adults of all ages.

Because an average-sized head weighs between 12 and 15 pounds, the neck muscles are important for maintaining proper head position whether we are walking, standing or sitting. Strong neck muscles are our basic defense against the force of gravity, which constantly works to pull our heads […]

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