From the monthly archives: May 2014

Apple’s Healthbook is on the way – the world of cool!

Healthbook, “which is expected to launch with iOS 8 later this year, will likely serve as a single place to track all of the data from your fitness gadgets…But many people, especially athletes and fitness junkies, would be eager to […]

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Aspects of Aging in Place were covered by both PBS and NPR this April.  Here are the stories and links:

NPR Our aging population wants to grow old at home- but how?

PBS    Taking cues from ‘Golden Girls,’ more single baby boomers are building a life […]

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Recently, between speeches, I’ve been restoring an old stone farmhouse in Sicily.  In many ways Sicily is a step back in time (a great tonic for a futurist); it’s also often a reminder of how life works in a culture where the virtual world is still just gaining a foothold.


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Retirement is a big decision and most people want to get it right the first time.

This week’s questions examine some of the biggest fears and concerns faced by people making the retirement decision.

What are my biggest financial risks in retirement?

Outliving one’s savings is the […]

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Life insurance and retirement plans compose the largest part of the estate for many people. Insurance death benefits, IRAs, Annuities, and 401(k)s do not pass under your will. They pass under contract law to those persons or organizations who are designated as the beneficiary.

Yet many people don’t review their designations, and don’t make sure […]

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I’m bullish that Aging in Place will advance in 2014.  How can we get the ball rolling? We need an action agenda to manage our way to a better future.  Here is my 2014 list of Ten action steps business and community can follow to encourage aging in place capability.


Retirement is changing, and choice is the new normal. Continue to work? Start a new career? Relocate? Stay? Have adult kids live with you?

Women and men approach this transition in different ways, so it’s not surprising that new retirement lingo has blossomed. Here is a baker’s dozen of words/acronyms you won’t find in […]

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In fourth grade they gave me a cello because I was the tallest girl in my class. In fifth grade they took it back because I was hopelessly tone deaf. Which is ironic, because over the years, my tone has gotten me into a lot of trouble.

For years, my husband accused me of having an angry tone to […]

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