From the monthly archives: July 2014

During the last year I’ve watched the conversation among economists and labor experts go from the traditional “Automation always destroy jobs but then it creates more jobs” to “Uh, maybe it’s different this time.”

It is different this time.  Between robots, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and flexible global outsourcing, we’re going to eliminate a […]

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The President’s health reform law has created a lot of uncertainty, as new taxes begin this year for the uninsured and the implementation of employer mandates are delayed.

One overlooked bright spot of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the opportunity it creates for those wishing to retire before age 65. […]

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Have you ever seen the A&E TV show called “Hoarders”? Or perhaps “American Pickers”?

It’s a fascinating (OK, frightening) look inside the lives of people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are either on the verge of a personal crisis or are living amidst copious amounts of […]

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There is a survey echo in here.  Rant on.

In listening to a presentation yesterday, I was struck by the similarity of the content between what older adults want from technology (now), what an older version of responders told the Linkage Technology Survey of 2011, versus Healthy@Home 2008 versus…pick a survey, any survey.

Let’s get this straight.

Your home is your biggest asset.

“Asset: noun 1.a useful and desirable thing or quality”

So……. to remain useful if mobility is reduced or as a safe place to get care is a good strategy for preserving this significant asset for anyone getting […]

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The Price is Right

On July 14, 2014 By

Thinking of selling your home when you retire?

Recent research may help you determine an asking price. A Cornell University study, led by marketing professor Manoj Thomas, found that people are willing to pay more for a home if the listing price is exact. That is, rather than trying to sell your home for $325,000, […]

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It is generally believed that maximum muscular growth is achieved by using weight training machines and adhering to the following.

Exercises: Do eight to twelve exercises that involve as much muscle as possible. Ideally, begin with your largest muscles and work towards your smallest.

Resistance Level: Select an amount of resistance that is equal to 75% of […]

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Consider the definition of retire.  Does “withdraw, retreat, hibernate or seclude” fit your thinking?  Is that you?  If not, then it’s time to retire the word retire.  It’s time to discover new ways to live and work.  It’s time to replace the word retire with the word repack.  

It was an […]

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Our Trip with Road Scholar: The History and Culture of Eastern Germany

by June and Stuart Wesbury

In 1989, just a week shy of the Berlin Wall coming down, we stood at the Brandenburg Gate….actually we had pictures on both sides as the gate was right along the famous wall.  We had come through […]

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