From the monthly archives: November 2014

The Sony Computer Science Laboratories –Sony’s elite corporate think-tank–gave its first symposium in New York City, at the Museum of Modern Art.

As is appropriate for an independent think tank, some of the ideas were visionary to the point of dream-like, such as 3D-printable gardens. Others were of the ilk that make perfect sense but […]

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The benefit statement contains an estimate of monthly benefits at various claiming ages and for disability claims.

Just when you thought Social Security benefit statements had become extinct… they’re back! Benefits statements used to be mailed out every year, which were stopped in 2011 in order to save $70 million in annual costs. Benefit […]

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Back to the Future

The hunter-gatherer is in all of us. For 90% of human history we were almost exclusively hunter-gatherers. Living in our technology-dependent world does not mean that we have totally severed our hunter-gather roots – the skills and intelligence learned from all those millennia of survival. One does not erase the […]

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Question: What do you get when you cross the Godfather with a lawyer?
Answer: An offer you can’t understand.

The nature of our legal system, which is often referred to as a “common law” system, is that it depends heavily on precedent. That means that the outcome in a current case is determined by […]

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Honoring All Who Served

On November 11, 2014 By

My Veterans’ Day words could be called “Remembrances” since that is what Veterans’ Day should be all about- not necessarily a day for celebration and a day off work or school but a day to remember the sacrifices so many people have made.  It should be a day that deepens the appreciation one feels for […]

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Returning To The Track

On November 7, 2014 By

If you’re a runner, odds are you’ve dealt with a running-related injury.

Don’t make the mistake of returning to your regular running regimen without proper recovery; this could potentially increase the severity of the original injury. When in recovery, take these steps to ensure proper treatment – getting you back on the track in a jiff.

Take […]

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For most humans living today, it is hard to imagine life without technology.

But on the scale of human history, the internet and mobile devices are recent inventions. Until just 10,000 years ago, we lived in small groups, hunting and gathering. While that life might seem to be ancient, it is also the life for […]

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