From the monthly archives: April 2015

By Jan Cullinane and John Brady

 Most of us know that one size cannot fit all when it comes to choosing our best place to retire. Just look at the tons of books, magazine articles and websites that try to answer that very question.

Your authors, Jan Cullinane, and John Brady decided to take a […]

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Is aging more than just a number?

Is it a feeling?

Is it an inevitable biological process that we can’t alter?

Much of what we know about the “aging” process has come from studying the more than 70% of people in this country who choose to live sedentary lives. This sedentary living results in […]

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A survey conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) found that nearly 60% of parents are providing or have provided financial support to their adult children after they have finished school. It can be difficult to refuse a child’s request for financial support, especially when it is within your means. However, careful thought […]

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I was speaking in Iowa City earlier this week and was reminded again of how vital many Midwestern cities have become.  At the same time, a new research group, City Observatory, released a report about where young college graduates are moving.  As we already know, they like to move to cities.  But, as an […]

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This blog post is adapted from an essay written by Michael Mansfield, curator of film and media arts, to accompany the exhibition, Watch This! Revelations in Media Art, opening April 24 and running through September 7.


In 1964, Marshall McLuhan wrote that artists were the only people able to […]

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Living Smarter

On April 13, 2015 By

Thrive Week 7

Our attitudes can go a long way to shaping how stress affects our lives.  Being committed, feeling in-control, and challenging ourselves to reach goals can help us to remain positive and thrive when under stress.

We can also take steps to minimize some of the stressors in our lives.  What stresses you […]

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A sense of life purpose promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health.

People who seek meaning beyond themselves are healthier, happier, and live longer.

It’s vital to our well-being that we maintain strong feelings of purpose and community.

For some people, life purpose is a spiritual concept, or has a religious dimension. For others, it’s a […]

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Thrive Week 6

Making the first move isn’t just about eventually looking good in a smaller size… There is a group of 33 diseases known as “Sedentary Death Syndrome” that cause over 250,000 deaths each year, but  whose severity is diminished by simply doing 30 minutes of exercise per day.  So, that means, making a […]

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Yesterday, a friend reminded me about a conversation we had a few weeks earlier that I had forgotten. “I’m beginning to worry about you,” she said.

Then I began to worry about me. Was this an indication of something serious?

I began checking for other signs of forgetfulness. Nothing stuck out. I handle a million […]

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