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Sweating with Soul

On May 29, 2015 By

Has your workout lost some of its passion… have you lost some of your fire? You might be separating your body from your soul.

When it comes to fitness, if your routine is just about sets and reps, you can get lost in an emotionless routine and will find it harder to stay fit because you will just be sweating… […]

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I recently met with a couple who had just received a sizable inheritance from the wife’s father. An event like this usually raises questions about the impact on their financial plan, tax implications, and how the inheritance should be invested. Her first question was, “How should the money/investments be titled?”

How you take title of […]

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Opening April 2015, the exhibition, The Artistic Journey of Yasuo Kuniyoshi, looks at the evolution of the artist’s work, and is the first comprehensive exhibition about the artist in the U.S. since 1948. It remains on view through August 30, 2015.

Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s Strong Woman and Child

I was first […]

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We’ve been covering topics inspired by my fitness after 40 book. It’s a guide to thriving in the prime of your life, but the tips Dr. Wright shares are applicable to people of any age. We’ve discussed the importance of flexibility, aerobics and resistance training.

In this blog, we’re moving on to maintaining your […]

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Jointly held property is very common, but its taxation is commonly misunderstood. On any joint account, the owner of the funds in the account is responsible for paying income tax on the account’s earnings. Which of the joint owners receives the 1099 from the payer is not dispositive of who should pay the income tax. […]

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What enormous year-end event could possibly cause media ranging from CNN, the BBC, Newsweek, and NPR to The Globe and Mail and Mental Floss to call the Practical Futurist for an interview?

Try the 1989 movie “Back to the Future 2”–which happens to be set in 2015 and is thus full of predictions […]

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Walking the dog helps your dog stay healthy, but it can be good for your health, too, especially if you pick up the pace a bit. Enjoy the fresh air, the company of an “exercise buddy” and the benefits of daily exercise.

Make your routine more fun

Dogs and people are creatures of habit. Go […]

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Gifts With Strings

On May 5, 2015 By

In 1985, when my husband and I renovated our home, my mother-in-law offered us $200 to buy a radar range — which is what microwaves used to be called. We had never owned a microwave and were certain we didn’t want one.

“Surely, she will give us $200 toward anything,” I said to my husband.
I […]

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