From the monthly archives: July 2015

Rumor Has It…

On July 30, 2015 By

Somewhere along the line, rumors started. I can’t keep up, I’m getting old, I’m slowing down, I can’t exercise with my bad back. The list goes on. Whichever Negative Nancy or Danny Downer started that rumor is not worth believing. So don’t! Give yourself some credit.

You move you

Once your mind is made, you […]

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There’s a major public issue brewing that sooner or later will explode into common debate.  You could probably trace its beginning back a few years ago when entrepreneur and technologist Martin Ford wrote a book called “The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future”.  His new book is an extension of his […]

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Something I’ve been experiencing more in my life is how the people I surround myself with have such an impact on my energy. I always say energy is contagious, so I decided to expand on that thought.

You are a product of your environment. What you and the people around you do affects you in ways […]

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Only 22% of workers are highly confident they will be able to live comfortably when they stop working.

Having a retirement savings plan is a key factor in the confidence a worker has about whether they will be able to afford retirement.

This insight was one of the highlights from the 2015 Retirement Confidence […]

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Missed Earrings

On July 16, 2015 By

“Bill, there is something wrong with the fan,” I said to my husband, in another room. He walked into the kitchen, tried the cooking spray, and said, “There is nothing wrong with the PAM.” Life has been interesting since we started mishearing.

Mishearing is not the same as not hearing. When we don’t hear a word […]

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Reimagining is the ongoing and continuous activity of reflection and choice.  Rearranging our priorities.  Reframing our vision of the good life.  And uncovering a new sense of being alive.

Reimagining is a lifelong process.  We need to be continually engaged in it so as to stay vital, fully alive in the present, and hopeful for […]

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In Case 53B of the Luce Foundation Center sit four plates that first attracted my attention when I was a graduate student a few years ago. I was drawn to these by the figure of a boy, who looked very much like a famous painting, yet strangely manipulated. I also thought […]

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You Can Control Your Stress.

At UmuvU, we’re all about living an active lifestyle. We know that the more you move, the better your life will become. We also know that everyone leads a busy life. It can appear difficult to move yourself to your best life when you’re stuck living your busiest life! WIthout […]

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So the Apple watch has received its first reviews, and they are tentatively positive.  Tentative, because most of the reviews caution that unlike most Apple products, it’s a device with a steep learning curve.  And it has fairly limited capabilities at present.  However, like technology reviewers throughout history, they can’t help but factor in just […]

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