From the monthly archives: October 2015

The cost of medical expenses is rising and thus users across the board (not just 30% of them) could see their premiums rise by some amount.

Articles have been circulating recently telling retirees their Medicare Part B premiums may be increasing by 50% in 2016. The premium increase is expected to affect about 30% of […]

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Move, Love, Eat, Sleep

On October 27, 2015 By

When it comes to discovering what it takes to grow-up strong and healthy, my 8 year old has all the answers!

MOVE freely.

LOVE relentlessly.

EAT healthfully.

SLEEP soundly.

These keys to growing-up strong and healthy are actually the same keys to growing-older strong and healthy. Adults need these same 4 ingredients to live long and prosper!


Want […]

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This post is part of an ongoing series on Eye Level: Q and Art, where American Art’s Research department brings you interesting questions and answers about art and artists from our archive.

Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod Morning

Question: In Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod Morning, what is the woman looking at?


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There are other options to the safe in the spare bedroom or den.

Keeping your will in your safe deposit box at your bank is the option I usually recommend, so long as no one has access to the box who could benefit by a destruction of the will. I recommend that you drive immediately […]

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Please don’t keep your will at home. A couple of recent cases have prompted me to revisit the answer to the question of where you should keep your will.

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When the Tail Wags the Dog

On October 12, 2015 By

Last week, I met a woman and her dog walking along a nature trail. As dog lovers do, we started to talk. She said she and her dog walk the two-mile nature trail daily. Recently, she had tried to adopt a second senior dog, to keep her 8-year-old dog company. The rescue organization said […]

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Having a life purpose is fundamental to living a conscious life of your own creation.

•    Do you often yearn to use your “gifts” to contribute more to life?
•    Do you feel like you’re “majoring in the minors” – wasting time on things that are too small for you?
•    Do you […]

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Trash Bags in the Cloud

On October 5, 2015 By

Today I was shopping for trash bags in an Italian supermarket.  The Italians seem to make a large number of different sized trash bags, all measured in centimeters, and for some reason, I can never remember the exact sizes that we use.  So a few months ago I photographed the labels of the correct sizes and uploaded […]

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There’s no shortage of so-called energy boosters available in a can or a cup. But when you need it most, no matter what the commercial says, a caffeine-filled drink won’t help you get through a tough day. When you feel sluggish, stressed out, or at your wit’s end, you need power to get past the […]

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