Dr. Roger Landry

Dr. Roger Landry

 In nature, we see examples of interdependence … small groups living together in a village. That idea of being a lone wolf and not needing anyone doesn’t apply to humans. We are social creatures, meant to be together and working for a common good.

Our ancestors knew this, and within their village environment, they worked together for a higher purpose. And in times of trouble, the village was there to help.

Today, we function more as individuals with the pressure of dealing with trouble on our own – be it health concerns, financial worries or work woes. Lack of emotional support has been linked to chronic stress and a suppressed immune system, leaving us open to a myriad of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression and infections.

And yet, societies today value independence and personal control. We are drawn to strong, capable people with a “can do” attitude who know exactly what they want in life, and who get it. While we admire this image, it may leave an individual out there alone doing battle with others to succeed. No wonder such a view leads to high stress and being in the constant state of “fight or flight.”

Are there areas in your life where you feel a lack of support? It’s not weakness to ask for help. Likewise, do you see someone you know struggling to maintain control in spite of adversity? How might you lend support to them? This week, consider the value of interdependence. 

Live long; live well!

(Reprinted with permission of Masterpiece Living (MPL). Originally published in MPL’s bi-weekly “Fireside Conversations.”)

By Dr. Roger Landry

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