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Traveling to a foreign country for vacation, work, or ministry can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. The same can be said for those who enjoy spending several months each winter in their “home away from home.”

Simple tasks that you perform in your normal routine can often become nearly impossible while away. The more you can predetermine challenges, the more you can ensure they do not become a hardship. For example, if you regularly reconcile your bank account online, find out if you will have a secure Internet connection at your destination.

Here are several other key factors that should not be overlooked as you plan for an overseas or extended out-of-town experience.

Power of Attorney. Establish a Power of Attorney (POA) and a stateside mailing address, so that transactions requiring a signature can be handled on your behalf. Not only can your agent sign for you, but he or she can also receive your mail and respond in a timely fashion. Be sure to give your financial advisor and other financial institutions a copy of your POA document, so they are aware of who has authority to discuss and handle transactions with your account.

Clear Goal or Strategy. Taking the time to define what is important to you helps you, your agent (within POA), and your financial advisor. Investment accounts are slightly different from your immediate cash accounts, since your strategies for those accounts tend to be more long-term and should require less maintenance. However, it is still important to explore your strategy with your financial advisor.

Online Access. Online access to your checking, savings, and investment accounts can be helpful, as it allows you to monitor your funds in “real time.” You will have the ability to check account balances, transfer money between accounts, and most importantly, ensure that you are not being charged unexpected fees. Such access also allows you to watch for any signs of identity theft.

Direct Deposit. It is possible that you may need money from an investment account during your absence. It is good idea to have direct deposit set up between your checking account and investment accounts. This will speed up the delivery of your requested funds and minimize the work for your agent or financial advisor.

Implementing these suggestions before your departure may help to reduce financial troubles while you are away. We are here to bring you peace of mind! Contact your advisor before your trip if you need assistance.

By Curtis L Musser, Financial Advisor

Curtis Musser joined Ambassador Advisors in September of 2012, after more than 4 years with a major national securities firm. He partners with and provides customized solutions for individuals, families and business owners in the areas of building, enjoying, protecting and transferring their wealth. Curtis’ background includes 3 years as a missionary in Northern Europe and 7 years directing a non-profit after-school youth center. A lifelong sports enthusiast, Curtis enjoys following Philadelphia Sports teams. Learn more about Ambassador Advisors at

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