From the monthly archives: October 2017

How do you catch a monkey?

Long ago, an interesting way was to let them catch themselves.

Hunters would make a hole in a coconut, put pieces of oranges inside and then hang the coconut from a tree.

As the monkey came around, it would catch the sweet smell of the oranges and reach into […]

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Approaching Conflicts

On October 26, 2017 By

In an interview transmitted by WLCH, 91.3 FM in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Charito Calvachi-Mateyko asked, “In our relationships with others there are conflicts.  Are these extraordinary occurrences that happen in our lives or something we all face sooner or later?  How might we better approach conflict resolution?”

Probably most of us have experienced some kind […]

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Most people are motivated to workout for the physical benefits-losing weight, toning up, getting healthy and looking good.

But there’s a growing body of scientific researching showing it’s just as important, if not more so, to work up a good sweat to give us a bigger, smarter, more successful brain. If you want to optimize […]

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Sweat With Soul – Walls

On October 19, 2017 By

When you put your honest effort, your pain and your purpose into something, you won’t just sweat… you will sweat with soul. These messages are straight from the heart and I hope they resonate with your heart.

Change starts from within, so if you want transformation in your fitness, your career or your relationships… then […]

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Dr. Harold Koenig, a physician at Duke University and an international authority on spirituality and health, tells us that spirituality is the “personal quest for understanding answers to the ultimate questions about life, about meaning, and about relationship to the transcendent.

” What is particularly appealing about this definition is that he believes it is a […]

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For the first 90% of our evolution, humans ate diets containing less than a quarter teaspoon of salt a day. Why? Because we ate mostly plants. Since we went millions of years without salt shakers, our bodies evolved into salt-conserving machines, which served us well until we discovered salt could be used […]

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The Equifax data breach stunned the public with its announcement that data on 143 million Americans had been hacked. Equifax keeps detailed financial information on consumers to gauge their risk as a borrower. They are a storehouse of some of the most personal and sensitive information of Americans’ financial lives.

There was a time when […]

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Beginning in the 1920s and into the next few decades, Thomas Wilfred was something of an art-world star, having fused modern art and pre-digital technology to create his luminous works.

Name doesn’t ring a bell? That’s all about to change.

Born in Denmark in 1889, Wilfred pioneered […]

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Stress comes in all shapes and sizes: drivers who don’t use their turn signal, kids throwing temper-tantrums, an overloaded (and ever growing) inbox – just to name a few. Moreover, the same experiences that stress you out may roll off someone else’s back.

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, either. When reacting to an immediate […]

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