February is Hearth Month and a time to highlight the benefits of a healthy cardiovascular system. Did you know that having a healthy heart can contribute to your hearing health as well?  According to a recent article, studies have shown the following:

  • Adults with cardiovascular disease and signs of peripheral circulation disorder have less hearing abilities in the frequencies that are most important for speech than those without cardiovascular issues.
  • The inner ear is very sensitive to receiving enough blood. When circulation becomes an issue, damage to the ear can occur.
  • There can also be a reduction in our ability to process speech when cardiovascular disease is present.

Research supports that exercise and cardiovascular health is beneficial to not only the ear itself, but for the entire auditory system.

  • Exercise can help prevent hearing loss- regardless of whether cardiovascular disease is present or not!
  • Improved cardiovascular health can preserve or enhance hearing and speech processing – and this benefit actually increases as age increases!
  • Improved cardiovascular function may actually enable people to process sounds in ways that are similar to those much younger.

Embracing a more active lifestyle not only helps your heart, it can help your hearing. More information can be found here .

By Dr. Heather Shenk

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