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It is easy for one to pontificate, to verbalize how wonderful life is and just be positive, smiling, etc. That is easier SAID than DONE. Let me relate a true story that reflects the conditions of our times.

A very good friend of mine worked for a major company in New York City for many years as assistant to the President of the company. When the president left, she was ASKED to continue her position with the new head of the company. She was highly valued for her expertise, her charm, wit, and calmness in a stressful environment. She walked into her office last week and was greeted at the door by her superiors, who told her she had a half hour to clear out her desk. She was FIRED….BOOM, that’s it. She went into her office to clear her computer. It was already cleared. She was out the door in literally a half an hour after being with the company for over fifteen years. Hopefully she was on the way to an attorney.

What does one say to this person or the many who have experienced the same situation? Keep your chin up? Fortunately this individual has a sparkling personality and an ATTITUDE that is positive. I can only tell you what works for me. I have never been in this kind of situation, but I have taken many auditions and have been rejected. I have taken others and have come through successfully. What can help us all? Can you possibly imagine the effect on Mind and Body that situations like this have? Research will tell you that stress is the leading cause of death in this country.

Allow me to back up about 65 years! I don’t know whether you have taken notice of my fantastic photos. I have classic BUCK TEETH… When I was a kid in School all my fellow students would chide me about my buck teeth. They went so far as to shout at me, “Hi Bugs” (Bugs Bunny). They wanted to be hurtful. My immediate response to this, instead of feeling sad, crying or running to someone for support, was to answer. “Ehhhhhh, what’s up Doc?” (Just like Bugs Bunny in the cartoons.) The result? All the kids started to smile and laugh ALONG WITH ME, NOT AT ME. It became a game and an expected response. It was fun and I became one of the boys.

I have kept this attitude up to the present time. We are always asked by checkout clerks, bank clerks, etc., “How are you today?”. I ALWAYS answer “Fantastic, unbelievable, never felt better”.  This immediately evokes a smile. They say, “Don’t hear that very often.” I love it. It has always been a wonderful way for me to feel good by making OTHERS happy and comfortable. Try it. You’ll like it! We live in a stressful world. If it is at all possible to think positively, you will feel the energy of that positive thinking pervade every part of your mind and body. You will think more clearly. You will react more swiftly. These are by no means revolutionary ideas. Remember Dr. Norman Vincent Peales book “The Power of Positive Thinking”? We all know that since then a mountain of research continues on this subject. By using your mind and body on a daily basis you will create new brain cells. This will lead to a myriad of positive reactions in your life. Ultimately, we have control over ourselves. We have a choice. Let’s choose positive.

My friend will find something new and stimulating even in this dismal economy. She has qualities that will allow her to do so. This is not a good time for her, but she will overcome. We all can overcome. Music and Motion and yes, Conductoricise is one of the great alternatives to being “in tune” with yourself. As long as we remain positive, we can face the challenges of these times.

I wish all a great day. Enjoy the moment. Smile, laugh and use your mind and body.

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Peace and Love,

Maestro David

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