From the monthly archives: September 2018

Your travel itinerary is set, and your overseas vacation will begin soon. You have thought of everything – passport, flight arrangements, hotel bookings. All that is left is to pack your bags. There is one step you may not have considered. Are you prepared for a medical emergency while you are out of the country? […]

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Living Life Forward has been at the core of my ongoing approach throughout the years while embracing the idea that Focus is Manifestation, or “that which you focus on, you  strengthen.”  (For antecedents on this topic, please see my previous article Focus is Manifestation – Part 1 .)


Today I would like to […]

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Re-Think Your Legacy

On September 21, 2018 By

Everyone has a reason for living. Finding it is the key to a happier and longer life. Some people have found their purpose early, while others are still looking, though they carry it within them.

Having a clear sense of purpose – the place where gifts, passions, and values intersect – means that each day […]

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Accepting Limits

On September 18, 2018 By

“I will not be defined by Parkinson’s.”

I have heard and used some form of this statement more times than I can recall over the past seven years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. While I understand the feeling behind the statement, I’m still left with a bit of unease and a sense that it’s […]

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Sleep Is Non-Negotiable!

On September 13, 2018 By

Did you know that an estimated 40% of the people in the US alone are not getting enough sleep? Lack of sleep has been linked to a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, poor memory, Type 2 diabetes and unnaturally speeding up the aging process. It is also a major cause of […]

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As much as I love mushrooms, they are seldom a main dish for me.

Portobellos are the exception because they’re so hearty and satisfying.

This open-faced knife-and-fork sandwich makes a quick and easy lunch or dinner entrée.

Difficulty:  Easy

Daily Dozen Foods: 

Greens, Herbs and Spices, Other Vegetables, Whole Grains



8-12 ounces portobello […]

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I have thoughts on aging that I would like to share with you. Having reached the age of 84 this July, I believe I have some insights into the aging process.  Oh, if there was only a smile button I could push now!!!

We all are aware of the benefits of mind and body.  You […]

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Something is killing women in this country at an alarming rate!  It is not bird flu, e.coli, swine flu or many of the other flashes you see everyday on news stands.  The number one killer of vital women in this country is heart disease.

Our hearts are amazing muscles.  They start beating 6 weeks after […]

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