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Living Life Forward has been at the core of my ongoing approach throughout the years while embracing the idea that Focus is Manifestation, or “that which you focus on, you  strengthen.”  (For antecedents on this topic, please see my previous article Focus is Manifestation – Part 1 .)


Today I would like to share some of the keys I have developed and found significant in managing life’s challenging situations during the times when I have experienced moments of emotional stress, feeling uncertain about what to do next.

  • Strengthen meaningful relationships with family and friends
  • Test talents in new areas
  •  Listen to favorite music
  •  Read inspiring books
  • Initiate a daily time for reflection/meditation
  •  See new circumstances as a source of vitality
  •  Write your own affirmations
  •  Expand a hobby
  • List your sources of stability
  • Develop new ideas
  • Embrace new activities
  • Celebrate your achievements moving forward

To inspire creative thought I love to use affirmations from a fellow philosopher, and here are some of them.  Affirmations can be spoken aloud, written down, done silently or even sung.  I believe they potentially can have a transformative effect in life’s outlook.

“I build new sense of values every day.”

“I welcome every phase of life within my soul.”

“I acknowledge the infinity of resource.”

“I welcome every challenge to my higher understanding.”

“I recognize new worth in every experience.”

By Mayte Picco-Kline

To further explore Mayte’s concepts on inner peace, please click the book for more information. 

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