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Discoveries made along my Parkinson’s journey

Exercise and Parkinson’s. If you have PD you have been bombarded since diagnosis with the message that you need to exercise. Whether it’s dance or walking, running or resistance training, swimming or boxing, the message is relentless that you should be physically active. Enough Already!

Since August of 2010 […]

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Frozen. But not in the way you would think.

He’s a born and bred Winnipeg boy so the fact that the mountainside was a brisk zero degrees Celsius, or thirty two degrees Fahrenheit, had little to do with the fact that he could not move. He had pushed just a tad bit too far in search […]

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It may rhyme with the 80’s rock band AC/DC but the only thing air conditioning and Parkinson’s has in common with the band is that they both can make me shake all over.

I was about to take the stage in front of 200 or so healthcare leaders and I was quite uncertain that I […]

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When the trip was first announced I came home and immediately said to my wife, Sheryl, ‘I want to go on this trip’. The trip was to India. It was a service trip where individuals from our church were invited by churches in India to assist them in their work. Their work consisted of establishing […]

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Accepting Limits

On September 18, 2018 By

“I will not be defined by Parkinson’s.”

I have heard and used some form of this statement more times than I can recall over the past seven years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. While I understand the feeling behind the statement, I’m still left with a bit of unease and a sense that it’s […]

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I know, I know it’s a counter intuitive title and for some it may be right off putting. But of recent I’ve been reminded again that within every cloud there is that sliver of a silver lining.

Sheryl and I (Sheryl being my wife and partner in this Parkinson’s journey) had the opportunity recently […]

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