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From an issue of the Journal on Active Aging, is the article Tackling Graywashing: What Drives It, How to  Recognize and Avoid It

In the article, Marilynn Larkin writes that products that purport to ‘combat’ aging treat older adults as though they’re damaged goods — and many organizations that claim to be ‘senior friendly,’ aren’t.

Shortly after the […]

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The Wonder of Childhood

On February 2, 2017 By

Never forget the wonder of childhood. The more we remain childlike (not “childish”) – where we’re learning new things, exploring and growing – that’s how we stay healthy and make life interesting!

In childhood, we heard the admonition to “act our age.” But for the older adult, it’s time to reconsider. Acting our age is […]

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When author, political journalist and world peace advocate, Norman Cousins, learned that he had a degenerative spinal disease, he did what no one would have expected … he laughed. Armed with Marx Brothers movies and reruns of Candid Camera, he immediately noticed that within ten minutes of laughing, his pain went away. As a result, he […]

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How to Master Your Age

On February 4, 2016 By

Age Does Not Determine Your Fitness Level.

I wrote“Fitness After 40: Your STRONG Body at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond!” with one goal in mind:  to empower you in the best half of your life to take control of your body and master how it ages.  No matter what your age or skill level, you were […]

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Read any good books lately?  (I get this question all the time!)  If you’re like me, I would hope you go through life as a perpetual student (only without the final exams).

I’m reading Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein (Penguin, 2012), for the third time.  This book has had a profound influence on […]

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Is aging more than just a number?

Is it a feeling?

Is it an inevitable biological process that we can’t alter?

Much of what we know about the “aging” process has come from studying the more than 70% of people in this country who choose to live sedentary lives. This sedentary living results in […]

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Are you a lifetime exerciser and competitor?

Are you an adult onset exerciser (AOE) investing in mobility for the first time in your life?

Or maybe you are a “once upon exerciser” who hasn’t stepped off the couch in 20 years.

Whichever of these describes you, your body is designed to stand up to any […]

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She runs herself ragged caring for her house and kids, spends her lunch hours running errands for her aging parents, and on the rare occasion that she takes some time for herself, she may run by the salon for a quick mani/pedi!

If this is how you picture a family caregiver, you’re not alone. But […]

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