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These are my thoughts as I prepare for the  What’s Next Boomer Business Summit and American Society on Aging conference  in San Diego next week. Since I am also attending the National Forum on Aging in Community I reviewed the current issue of Generations Journal focused on that topic. Aging in Place has changed since I got hooked over 20 years […]

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I was working with a client not long ago who afforded me one of those “epiphany” moments.

We were diligently rearranging her kitchen because she felt it difficult to work in.  She said she could not find the things she needed when she needed them, items were scattered about and nothing seemed to have any […]

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Your Life, Your Way

On February 8, 2013 By

The AiP2.0 Genome

All this is new. No one getting old right now has ever done it before. Not in our home, our family, our body, our life. Weather may be an analogy. We know how predictable that is.

If you think buying a home or car is tough, think about the decisions you need […]

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Helping Tiger Age In Place

On September 27, 2012 By

Margit Novack of Moving Solutions

My cat, Tiger, is 21 years old.  That makes him 101 in cat years.  As he has gotten older, many things Tiger used to do have become hard for him, so we’ve responded by helping him age in place.

Tiger walks slowly, very slowly. His legs are bowed, […]

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Optimistic About Aging

On September 4, 2012 By

More than 75% of older Americans feel a strong sense of optimism that life will get better as they age, according to a poll by Reuters released Tuesday, August 7.

And why shouldn’t we be optimistic? Contrary to what we’re so often told, life does get better with age. These days, […]

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In this clip, Dr. Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., discusses the growing importance of caregiving in our everyday life. Who are caregivers? What kind of work are they doing? What changes should we anticipate in this emerging field of vital work? Watch the video below to learn more:

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section […]

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Not to be a spoilsport…but ‘age-friendly cities’ aren’t. US News Money ran an article this week about ‘aging in place’ – what a great idea, but…  Adding the ‘but’ is a correct assessment — senior-friendly communities don’t really resonate as two words in the same sentence, although I suppose that is depending on whether […]

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Do You Need Copies?

On November 29, 2011 By

In the early and mid nineties when I was the sole home modifications focused contractor in the DC area I used to ask this question when giving presentations to consumers and more traditional senior senior providers.  I was drawing a comparison to home modification as an innovation akin to the advent of the xerox […]

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Five Items for New Homes

On October 31, 2011 By

I was on a call today with some of the key Universal Design experts and advocates preparing for the special Universal Design day planned by the 50+ Council for the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, January, 2010.  It is a great and energetic group.  Universal Design is coming of age!

During the call I […]

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