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I got my car detailed for the first time last month. I’m not the kind of person who splurges on things like that, but when I spilled a strawberry smoothie throughout the passenger area, there was no choice. My car is now amazing, cleaner than when it was new! I’m not sure what kind of […]

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Get up! Get outta here! Gone!”

Bob Uecker has a great line. Let’s […]

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On my radar are trend bytes – a gathering of observations – that indicate a larger trend is at work. 

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo for a boomer-focused blog. It’s a hot trend right now. In my research I consistently hear older […]

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How do you catch a monkey?

Long ago, an interesting way was to let them catch themselves.

Hunters would make a hole in a coconut, put pieces of oranges inside and then hang the coconut from a tree.

As the monkey came around, it would catch the sweet smell of the oranges and reach into […]

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My Orphan Earrings

On May 3, 2016 By

I have been looking at my pile of orphan earrings, earrings without partners, wondering why I keep them. It’s true that a lost earring does sometimes show up, but many have been mateless for years. Why do I keep even those single earrings?

Orphan earrings seem different from mateless socks and gloves. The reason to […]

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One of the most difficult aspects of packing is handling items that are already damaged or that have been previously repaired. These items are especially vulnerable to repeat damage. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, these items break. Some clients are especially fragile, too. Like items that have been previously repaired, the stress of […]

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After 37 years in a 3 story home, Ken & Terri Asche decided to move to a spacious apartment in a nearby retirement community.

Their property included a large separate workshop full of equipment and a garden shed full of outdoor tools.  The job felt overwhelming according to Terri, and a bit sad.

The most […]

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90% of Aunt Betty

On December 2, 2011 By

“Margie dear, I am moving and I need your help.”

So began the call from my 91-year old Aunt Betty.  Never mind that I have used my real name, Margit, for 38 years.  To Aunt Betty, I will always be Margie.  Betty has buried three husbands, and her only daughter, my first cousin, died […]

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