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1. Not getting professional advice. The complexity of the rules governing IRA distribution and beneficiary designations is incredible. Especially where substantial amounts of money are involved, don’t try to “do-it-yourself.” Who to name as beneficiary? When to take distributions? How much to take out? Should you use a trust? Is it best to name your […]

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One year before you retire is a great time to assess your situation and make sure you will really be ready for that gold watch.

Here are some steps you need to consider before retiring:

Start with a budget.

You should already have calculated how much money you will need each year in […]

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As a seasoned explorer of both outer and inner wilderness, I advise people to learn to “discover”.

Every culture celebrates the explorer, the hero who confronts the unknown and returns with stories to enrich the community. In the last third of our lives, the repacking process takes on new significance. It brings us to fundamental […]

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Consider the definition of retire.  Does “withdraw, retreat, hibernate or seclude” fit your thinking?  Is that you?  If not, then it’s time to retire the word retire.  It’s time to discover new ways to live and work.  It’s time to replace the word retire with the word repack.  

It was an […]

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Retirement is changing, and choice is the new normal. Continue to work? Start a new career? Relocate? Stay? Have adult kids live with you?

Women and men approach this transition in different ways, so it’s not surprising that new retirement lingo has blossomed. Here is a baker’s dozen of words/acronyms you won’t find in […]

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As a writer, coach, speaker and adventure guide, I often talk with people who are thinking about retirement but do not want to bring their lives to a grinding halt.

Retiring is not what they want, instead they want to repack their bags — unpack some things and add others– to lighten their loads for the rest […]

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I recently gave my “Pulse of the Market” presentation where I provide my insights on what has been happening in the financial markets. The people in the audience were primarily retirees.

I started by pointing out that stocks, as measured by the S&P 500 index were up nearly 20% over the past 12 months. During […]

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Theory vs. Reality

On November 21, 2013 By


An AARP study, in conjunction with Roper Public Affairs and Media, found some important, interesting, and (frankly) scary contrasts in what women reported compared to their actual situations.

The survey, “Looking at Act II of Women’s Lives: Thriving and Striving from 45 On” interviewed women from 45 to 90 years old, with an emphasis […]

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Last month I started a series on planning for retirement. Low interest rates, scarce pensions, stability concerns about Social Security, and longer life expectancy make retirement planning difficult. These concerns generate questions we help answer on a regular basis. Here are more of the most frequent questions people ask us.

Will Social Security keep […]

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