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Here are several fascinating findings from the 2012 EBRI (Employee Benefit Research Institute) survey.

This is the 22nd year that the EBRI has published its “Retirement Confidence Survey.”  The results demonstrate that what we THINK will happen in retirement and what WILL happen are not always the same.

I call this “Expectation vs. Reality.”

For […]

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Are you among the almost 80 million Boomers approaching retirement?

Are you wondering how to ensure a successful retirement or wondering if you should retire?  Before making this transition, be sure you can say “yes” to these three questions:

Do I Have Enough? Have I Had Enough? Do I Have Enough […]

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 Few of us take the time to stop and think about what retirement actually is, let alone what it means to us personally.  If we did, we would realize that it is neither a permanent vacation nor an event that is natural because of age.  In fact, retiring at the age of 65 was formalized […]

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The Story of My Treasure

On September 15, 2011 By

As a Senior Move Manager, I see all sorts of client treasures, so it has made me think about my own treasures as well.  If you went to my home, you probably would not notice my treasures, even thought they are in plain view.  That’s because they look ordinary.  They don’t have a lot of […]

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It’s likely to happen to many of us: symptoms of Presbyopia, or, the inability to focus your eyesight on near objects, will start to become the reality we must face everyday.  Recently, the New York Times featured an article on this very topic:


“There’s no escaping it. Diet and exercise, the […]

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