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Women: A Bulky Problem

On February 21, 2017 By

Addressing the notion of excessive muscle gain in women. Should you be worried about packing on too much mass?

While it’s not a common sight at most gyms, I’m sure you’ve seen women with big, bulky muscles. This is one of the reasons that has led many women to be wary of training with weights. […]

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Your New Glory Days

On December 27, 2016 By

Though I hate to keep digging up the past (think big hair and leotards), I need to address one more aspect of the good old days that should move to memory lane for good: our workouts.

I’ve heard it too many times. People try to do the same workouts they did in high school and […]

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Weight loss runs a lot deeper than “calories in, calories out.” Here’s a closer look at some common mistakes that people make in hopes of trimming down.

In my career, I’ve trained thousands of people to lose weight. What I have found is that when these people come to me, they have generally lived in […]

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Our bodies are designed to MOVE!  Our bodies are built with form and function in mind. We have powerful legs to propel us forward and our buttocks that are intended to slow down momentum and keep us upright. How far will you go to thrive?

(new to thrive or missed a few?  catch up […]

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Numerous studies have demonstrated that appropriate progressive resistance exercise for the lumbar spine muscles can significantly increase trunk extension strength and reduce low back discomfort (Carpenter and Nelson 1999; Morrow 1997; Risch et al. 1993).

The most effective exercise for strengthening the low back muscles appears to be full range (approximately 75 degrees) of […]

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Many women are finding the time and energy to workout more, which is good news for the health and fitness industry for sure. But as more women pack their gym bags or take their fitness outside, a lot of misconceptions exist on exactly how to stay fit. Here I breakdown some common mistakes many of […]

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When we say ‘carrying a load,’ we mean resistance training or weight lifting.  Through resistance training, you build new muscles and maintain the muscles you have. Remember that even though we like to call it “carrying a load,” you can resistance train by using resistance bands or even your own body weight. Pumping […]

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It is generally believed that maximum muscular growth is achieved by using weight training machines and adhering to the following.

Exercises: Do eight to twelve exercises that involve as much muscle as possible. Ideally, begin with your largest muscles and work towards your smallest.

Resistance Level: Select an amount of resistance that is equal to 75% of […]

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We have found that many adults who come to the YMCA to begin a fitness program have little understanding of where to start and how to progress in either endurance exercise or strength training.

Although individual differences in abilities, interests, experience and equipment availability preclude a single program for all older adults, I would like […]

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Do you remember when you were in elementary school, sitting for hours in the classroom and then running outside for recess?

You didn’t warm up; you just ran as fast as you could playing tag and other stop-and-go games. If you’re reading this article, however, those days are long gone. And a warm-up period may […]

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