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When the trip was first announced I came home and immediately said to my wife, Sheryl, ‘I want to go on this trip’. The trip was to India. It was a service trip where individuals from our church were invited by churches in India to assist them in their work. Their work consisted of establishing […]

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Traveling to a foreign country for vacation, work, or ministry can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. The same can be said for those who enjoy spending several months each winter in their “home away from home.”

Simple tasks that you perform in your normal routine can often become nearly impossible while away. The […]

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Read any good books lately?  (I get this question all the time!)  If you’re like me, I would hope you go through life as a perpetual student (only without the final exams).

I’m reading Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein (Penguin, 2012), for the third time.  This book has had a profound influence on […]

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Road Warrior Wisdom II

On December 11, 2014 By

The traveling process consists of three stress points–the letting go, separation, and the reentry of each trip. The longer the trip, the more intense the stress at each point.

Stress Point 1: Letting Go
The period just before departure is a time of stress for both traveler and loved ones as they anticipate the […]

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Road Warrior Wisdom I

On December 8, 2014 By

For frequent travelers and their relationships, travel means separation and stress.

Some travelers arrive home to find chaos; others discover that life went on just fine in their absence. Here are some tips for lessening the strain.

The popular film “Up in the Air” makes business travel look as stressful and isolating as it can […]

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Jan’s article originally appeared in AARP, The Magazine.

You can expect to live another 20 years, on average, if you are 65 and a woman. Lots of delicious weeks stretch ahead. How will you spend them?

When I tackle this question in my new book, […]

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Ten Days in the Pacific Northwest on a Budget

How does an all-inclusive (except airfare) ten-day trip to the Pacific Northwest for two adults for $2745 sound?

Having lived most our lives on the East Coast and a decade or so in the Midwest, my husband, Roger, and I wanted to drive the […]

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This is the second entry in a two-part series on two intrepid travelers’ African Safari trip. If you missed Part I, read it here.

On 2/9 we visited a Maasai elementary school.  There were 230 students from ages 4 to 10—with only 4 teachers!  They have no electricity or running water.  The […]

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What an amazing, exciting, educational trip. We left on 1/31 for the 30 hour trip via Atlanta and Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro Airport near Arusha, Tanzania.  In Swahili, safari means journey—to leave the comfort and safety of the known to venture into the wilderness.  And so our adventures […]

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Who hasn’t thought of traveling in retirement?  Anyone can pack their bags and take off for planned or even unplanned destinations but, what if you want something more bold and daring?

Exciting examples of ways to live a “traveling retirement” are found in a article titled “The Most Bizarre and Unusual Retirement […]

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