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Single women are the second-largest group of homeowners after couples, and they purchase almost twice as many homes on a first-time and repeat basis than single men do, reports the National Association of Home Builders [2].

More women than men live alone, and single women are more likely to own their homes than […]

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I often say my work in the field of aging is a lot like reading ahead in the book. I glimpse many what might happens through the lives and stories of my older clients.

Is this why I am more comfortable with the evidence of my aging  – stiff and sore joints and muscles, […]

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I’m bullish that Aging in Place will advance in 2014.  How can we get the ball rolling? We need an action agenda to manage our way to a better future.  Here is my 2014 list of Ten action steps business and community can follow to encourage aging in place capability.

Speaking in Memphis

On January 2, 2014 By

I was honored to address an audience in Memphis, Tennessee as the local Plough Foundation kicks off a thoughtful three part speaker series called An Aging Society: Meeting the Challenges.

My keynote for the 200+ lunch guests was called Breaking New Ground: Rethinking Community Resources for Aging in Place. In addition to addressing longevity, Universal Design and the […]

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Can an Icon Retire?

On August 15, 2013 By


Eleanor Smith, the ‘mother’ of the visitability movement, says she will retire this fall.

Eleanor is responsible for the building of more accessible homes than anyone else. By her count, surely modest, 70,000 basically accessible homes have been built following her strategies. Knowing Eleanor as a natural advocate and savvy strategist I wonder just how she […]

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As our society moves towards more sustainable living practices, one trend that will benefit people as they age is the increased availability of livable communities where convenience and socializing are built-in luxuries.  Hopefully, as we continue to upgrade our neighborhoods they will be universally designed to be more aesthetically pleasing and accessible […]

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Graceful Aging

On June 27, 2013 By

Good design helps us age gracefully.

I use drug store reading glasses when the light is low, the type is small or the print to paper contrast poor. When the light is good I do not need the glasses. My ability to read has to do with my eyes but it is also a function […]

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…from the Lovin’ Spoonful to:

“And you know something is happening
But you don’t know what it is”… Bob Dylan

The wonderful magic of Universal Design is unanticipated corollary benefits. Closed captioning is a really clear example. Including those with hearing difficulties to mainstream media was the intended outcome. Reading TV in bars and airport […]

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Universal Design In Cars

On December 19, 2011 By

Universal Design means products that work for as many people as possible without special adaptation. Not everyone uses things in the same way. And you may want to use the same thing a bit differently this time than you did last time. Universal Design means changes do not require expensive and permanent change. Whether […]

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Five Items for New Homes

On October 31, 2011 By

I was on a call today with some of the key Universal Design experts and advocates preparing for the special Universal Design day planned by the 50+ Council for the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, January, 2010.  It is a great and energetic group.  Universal Design is coming of age!

During the call I […]

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