Unlocking Purpose for a Healthy Life

Research increasingly suggests purpose in life is one of the core components of well-being. Unlocking and pursuing a sense of purpose in life can have powerful beneficial effects on both our brain and our body. Purpose is defined as “having a clear reason to get up in the morning” and

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Enough About Me!

“Enough about me! What do you think about me?” **************** If you have the tendency to make every conversation about you, you might be a “conversational narcissist” and not even be aware. Fortunately, I’m becoming increasingly aware of my own “c.n.” tendencies. I’m not always the listener that I pretend

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Myths of Purposeful Aging

In presenting the concept of “Becoming a Purposeful Elder,” I often point out that there are commonly held ageist stereotypes of older adults. These ageist assumptions limit older people’s freedom to live the lives they choose and limit our capacity to engage the great gifts that older people possess. Contrary

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