IRS Says Gold Is Not an Investment

Have you been thinking about cutting back on gold? Don’t forget it’s not an investment. The IRS categorizes gold (and other precious metals) as a collectible rather than an investment. Gains from collectibles and investments are taxed as ordinary income if held for less than 12 months. The tax treatment is

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Ignore After-Tax Savings at Your Own Peril

Make sure you max out your 401(k). Fund your Roth IRA before the April 15th deadline. Remember that contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are deductible. Withdrawals from 529 plans are tax-free when used for qualified expenses. With all the emphasis on tax advantaged accounts, you may have overlooked the

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When Should You Take Social Security?

Social Security maximization is a hot topic among retirement planners and the financial press. Maximization strategies focus on the age to draw benefits and the sequence of who draws first when dealing with married couples. The objective is to get the most dollars from Social Security during your retirement. The age

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What is YOUR Purpose in Retirement?

Where did the idea of retirement come from? It was not that long ago that most people were fully employed in their teens and worked until they died in their mid-30s. The concept of retirement began in the Revolutionary War when pensions were offered to those who suffered battle injuries.

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A Good Plan Can Help Take the Pain out of Capital Gains

Bob and Carolyn have been retired for ten years. When Bob retired, he had accumulated a comfortable nest egg of $1.8 million. His employer had an employee stock purchase program allowing him to invest through payroll deduction. The stock had done well over the years, paying cash and stock dividends

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Contributing Too Much to Your IRA Can Cost You

You are probably aware of the IRA penalty for taking money out of an IRA or Roth IRA too early. Distributions prior to age 59½ are subject to tax and a 10% penalty (see exceptions). You may also be aware of the penalty for taking distributions too late. Required minimum

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Creating an Online Social Security Account

You may be wondering what happened to the annual Social Security benefits statement you used to receive in the mail. The handy four-page statement usually came three months before your birthday with an estimate of your benefit amount at retirement. Back in 2011, the Social Security Trustees’ report revealed that

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The Biggest Key to a Happy Retirement? Your Health.

You have finally retired. Congratulations! Now you can live the life you have been dreaming about and working towards your entire career. No doubt you will want to make the most of it and that entails enjoying it as long as possible. The good news is that men currently age

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Congratulations! You’re Retired…..Now What?

We all think life will be better and easier after retirement. To a degree, that assumption is correct. Creating financial independence means you are no longer beholden to a job or employer. This gives tremendous freedom. However, with that freedom comes greater personal responsibility. As you make the transition from

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