Why it’s just fine to fail at “successful aging”

This project began 11 years ago as a project about people over 80 who work. Upbeat! Inspirational! Safe! I didn’t realize it at the time, but the project epitomized an approach that has dominated gerontology since the 1980s: “successful aging”— also known as “active,” “healthy,” or “productive” aging. For most

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What Does It Mean To Live In An Age-friendly Town?

Age-friendly towns are places that provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to remain intellectually and physically active, socially connected, and engaged with life. Some characteristics of an age-friendly town include bike and walking trails, ease of transportation and accessible spaces, regardless of a person’s physical challenges. They

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What Will You Be Doing 5 Years From Now?

When you picture yourself five years from now, what will you be doing? Maybe it will be traveling somewhere new where you’ll be walking and climbing stairs. Perhaps you’ll be sitting on the floor, playing a game with your grandkids or learning to play a musical instrument. Whatever it is,

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