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Get up! Get outta here! Gone!”

Bob Uecker has a great line. Let’s […]

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How do you catch a monkey?

Long ago, an interesting way was to let them catch themselves.

Hunters would make a hole in a coconut, put pieces of oranges inside and then hang the coconut from a tree.

As the monkey came around, it would catch the sweet smell of the oranges and reach into […]

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Come and sit quietly with me. Have a cup of coffee. Hold my hand.

Some days I won’t know you, yet some days I might.

Your time is most precious to me. Little do you know your strength calms me; tell me it will be alright.

Be patient with me. What is real to me […]

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Dear Jean,

Father’s Day is coming up.  I don’t know what to get for Dad. He has lost so much of his memory.  At times, he doesn’t even know me.  Why bother?

Dad isn’t the same person he used to be.   Sometimes he thinks I am his younger brother, Bill, who died in Korea.  It […]

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