Ride Sharing Rocks for All Ages

Most of the talk about the sharing economy revolves around millennials, those 20- and 30-somethings who are now regentrifying and populating many of our urban areas. Indeed, millenials are, and have always been, at the heart of the sharing scene, ready to embrace the latest concept for staying connected and

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Thinking About Early Retirement? Think Twice.

When people ask me what they should do upon retiring early, I always say, “Don’t.” What I really mean by that is… don’t think you will be happy and fulfilled with a life of golf and travel. Most people aren’t. If you are really feeling beat up when you walk

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Are You Thinking About the Expatriate Life in Retirement?

Is there anyone out there who has not fantasized about living in another country for a few years? I certainly have. I still think about what it would be like to live closer to the equator, where year-round tropical breezes lull me into a state of calm and relaxation that

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Retiring Soon? You Need a Coach

  Coaches are everywhere these days.  What used to be the province of the playing field or the ice arena, now is common to the board room, the gym, the hospital delivery room, the concert stage, and more recently, the retirement arena. I have been coaching recent and prospective retirees for

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What is Happiness?

From the time we were first able to understand the word, we have all been in pursuit of as much happiness as we can find.  Happiness is an elusive study target.  It’s been hard to define, and even harder to measure.  But in recent years, social scientists have produced some

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Planning Your Future in Time Segments

Long-term Planning in Time Segments If you are planning for a lifestyle change or full retirement, these are the key issues you will confront as you move ahead in your life.  Taking a look at these issues now and being proactive about them will help you move smoothly through the

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50 Plus; Minus the Kids: The Adventure of Solo Aging in America

Until very recently, the percentage of childless women hovered around ten percent.  That accounted for all childless women, regardless of marital status or how and why they became childless, and this level is traceable as far back as statistics can be found.  Very simply, it was the rate at which

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Think You Are Too Old To Follow Your Dreams? Think Again!

  When Kerry Hannon told me last year that she was writing a book about older entrepreneurs, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Her book, Never Too Old to Get Rich, was released a few days ago, I devoured it immediately, and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, I

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Ageism: A Moral And Personal Dilemma For Our Time

  “If you are not already part of a group disadvantaged by prejudice, just wait a couple of decades––you will be.” The above is a direct quote from an article on ageism by Laura Robbins. So, how do we avoid ageism in ourselves and help to fight it? How do we change

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