Stories You Leave Behind Are Your Legacy

Have you ever thought about what matters most in your life? Could your children and grandchildren answer that question about you? Have you shared with them? This is your legacy. It is not about money. Lori Coonen, from Living My Legacy, talked about family with me. She explained that “planning for

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You Might Have Too Much Stuff If…

This week, it is time for some humor.  In the tradition of Jeff Foxworthy, I asked my friends to finish this sentence: “You might have too much stuff if…”  We just have so much stuff! When do you stop bringing things home?  My friends’ answers are funny and, somewhat telling.  So, let’s hear what they had to say,

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T.H.A.N.K.S. – But It Isn’t Just About Your Parents

Initially, this was going to be a column encouraging you to help your parents get their final affairs in order. April 15th is rolling around. You’ve heard the expression that you can’t avoid death and taxes. This would have been a good time to sit down with your parents to

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