The Future of Learning

Enjoy this video about the future of learning by Practical Futurist, Michael Rogers. We need a radical rethink of what we teach, both in our educational institutions and to our workforce. – Michael Rogers The Future of Learning from Michael Rogers on Vimeo.

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What Comes After COVID? Ten Possibilities.

I’m already working–virtually, of course–with clients on what the post-COVID future may hold. One trend is clear: the “virtualization” of our world has greatly accelerated. Work from home, telemedicine, virtual shopping, distance learning, socializing, exercise: more activities than we might imagine will move to the virtual world during the rest

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Who’s Watching the Baby?

Sometimes I joke that we’ve been talking about the Millennial generation for so long, they got old. Old enough, at least, to start families.  And thus Millennials were a central focus at the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association conference in California, where I spoke earlier this month.  The JPMA represents companies that serve

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When the Computer is Watching….

I recently helped with a research paper on the future of “algorithms”–a once-techy term that now generically refers to computer software that uses rules to make decisions. Software, for example, that takes complex data like your financial information and then generates a credit score.  Algorithms now do everything from pricing

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Will Cash Disappear?

I worked last week with a major credit card company, and one topic was whether cash will disappear.  Will there come a day when all transactions are electronic, perhaps using your smart phone–or even, say, just your fingerprint–and cash will be kept only in museums? Some countries are almost there–in

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Who Will Regulate the Future?

Can government keep up with the accelerating rate of technologic change?  The answer is, usually not. In the US, at least, government moves slowly and is captive to multiple conflicting influences.  Legislators react after problems arise, and even then may not fully understand the underlying technology. Instead, insurance companies may

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