Live Your Best

How do I go about summing up the Live Your Best concept? I never want the conversation to sound trite, or dismissive of the very real struggles we face; I never want to sound as though I’m saying that if we just try a little harder it will be all

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The Parkinson’s Disease Coach

 Discoveries made along my Parkinson’s journey Exercise and Parkinson’s. If you have PD you have been bombarded since diagnosis with the message that you need to exercise. Whether it’s dance or walking, running or resistance training, swimming or boxing, the message is relentless that you should be physically active. Enough

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Accepting Limits

“I will not be defined by Parkinson’s.” I have heard and used some form of this statement more times than I can recall over the past seven years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. While I understand the feeling behind the statement, I’m still left with a bit of unease

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Pay Attention

Lesson 6: Pay Attention In lesson 5 I talked about taking advantage of good fortune when it comes our way.  Sometimes recognizing those gifts isn’t easy, which is why it’s so important to pay attention. To this day I still smile when I think of the edge we gained over the other teams on the

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To Be Seen

It’s that time of year where my wife gets celebrated and cheated all at the same time. Her birthday is next door to Valentines and despite my best intentions over the years she’s almost always lost out on the latter. In truth, I don’t think she’s ever really minded…all that

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Take Every Advantage

Lesson 5: Take Every Advantage We do our best to set reasonable goals, but part of persever­ing is being ready when an unexpected opportunity turns up. Take the U-Turn. After we used it in the race many howled that we’d been poor sports. Not true. It’s a fair part of the game,

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Cease Striving

Live Your Best Lesson 4: Cease Striving Perseverance can sound easy—just don’t quit. Well, not so much. There are times when we do need to quit things, thoughts, or even people who are no longer working for us. We need to push out or just let go of what’s burdening

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Understand the Nature of Luck

Live Your Best Lesson 2: Understand the Nature of Luck You just might get lucky—and that’s not being trite. During our race, Lady Luck showed up a number of times on our behalf. As I’ve said before, it’s those who stay in the race who so often seem to get lucky.

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Let Go of The Myth of Happiness

Live Your Best Lesson 1: Let Go of the Happiness Myth What’s the difference between happiness and joy? Happiness is an ice cream on a warm summer day. Joy is infinitely more than being made to feel good by our circumstances. I like this definition by Rick Warren—that joy is

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