Rest…It’s More Than Just Doing Nothing

As we focus on this challenge to be active every day it is important to realize that rest is more than about doing nothing. It is deliberate. It is you giving yourself the freedom to do what you want with this day with no guilt and no regrets.

Exercise without a focused day of rest is akin to the ultra low carb diets that are, for me, simply not sustainable. I can hold my own for awhile but there comes a day when I’m in the grocery store and end up in the car with a giant Snickers bar. I need my carbs, I need my rest.

This day is not a bonus day IF you accomplish certain goals. Today is NOT a reward day. Today’s rest is a part of the plan. It is important, it is necessary whether you think you deserve it or not.

Rest is about giving your body the real time it needs to recuperate and be prepared for the next task at hand. Rest is giving your mind and emotions the rest they need in order to focus on the coming days.

For me that means one day a week of letting go. No exercise for the day. No fretting about the past and very little thinking about tomorrow.

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