When Should You Take Social Security?

Social Security maximization is a hot topic among retirement planners and the financial press. Maximization strategies focus on the age to draw benefits and the sequence of who draws first when dealing with married couples. The objective is to get the most dollars from Social Security during your retirement. The age

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Ever Expanding Goals

Many times I’ve spoken about my ever-expanding goals and how checking one item off a list can present one or more additions to the list. For example when I realized I had visited 5 continents over my years of travel, I was motivated to make it a goal to visit

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Congratulations! You’re Retired…..Now What?

We all think life will be better and easier after retirement. To a degree, that assumption is correct. Creating financial independence means you are no longer beholden to a job or employer. This gives tremendous freedom. However, with that freedom comes greater personal responsibility. As you make the transition from

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