Ever Expanding Goals

Many times I’ve spoken about my ever-expanding goals and how checking one item off a list can present one or more additions to the list. For example when I realized I had visited 5 continents over my years of travel, I was motivated to make it a goal to visit Australia and Antarctica so I could check off all seven continents.

This journey began in a quiet way. My wife and I took a trip to the Galapagos Islands 15 – 20 years ago. Occasionally I have a short attention span, so I decided to take photographs of the animal inhabitants. When I returned home and began to sort through the photos, I felt they were OK, but not amazing. This made me want to be a better photographer.

I had met a professional photographer on the trip who lived in California, so I called him to ask if he would give me some time and share his expertise. My trip to his home was the beginning of my education. I got some great tips from him and came home energized.

From there I enrolled in some photography courses, began to upgrade my equipment, and my wife and I made a list of places we could go to see and photograph the wonders of nature.

I continue to work on improving my photography skills. I challenge myself to develop better techniques. And I continually look for new subjects to add to my photo gallery. It all started with a plan to combat potential boredom on a trip by taking pictures of the blue-footed booby.

I am not proposing that travel and photography is the answer for everyone. For me it has kept me engaged and challenged. There are many ways people can do this. I have a friend who has recently taken up pottery-making and now prowls gift shops, décor stores and kitchen stores to get ideas for vessels and glazes.

I challenge you to find something that will provide engagement, education, and personal enjoyment.

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“Take control and plan your own life. If you don’t, someone else will” 

by Raymond D. Loewe

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