Money Aside, 9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Retiring

Some people approach retirement with eager anticipation. But in recent years, there are those who would describe their feelings with trepidation. Naturally there is the money issue. But often in spite of being assured by their financial advisor that they will be fine, clients experience some anxiety about what lies

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Retiring Soon? You Need a Coach

  Coaches are everywhere these days.  What used to be the province of the playing field or the ice arena, now is common to the board room, the gym, the hospital delivery room, the concert stage, and more recently, the retirement arena. I have been coaching recent and prospective retirees for

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What Happens if You Live to 100?

A few years ago, I competed in a US Senior Games competition in Birmingham, AL. I’m a competitive swimmer and after my events were over, I walked around to check out what else was going on. I saw an older man wearing four medals, three gold and one silver. I

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Not Your Parents’ Retirement

About twenty years ago, I started to think about my retirement. It wasn’t time, of course. But I’m a planner, so it wasn’t too soon in my estimation. I started by thinking about my parents, and my wife’s parents. They retired at the traditional age. They had pensions and social

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Planning Your Future in Time Segments

Long-term Planning in Time Segments If you are planning for a lifestyle change or full retirement, these are the key issues you will confront as you move ahead in your life.  Taking a look at these issues now and being proactive about them will help you move smoothly through the

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Let’s Retire Retirement!

My wife Sandy & I were walking down the concourse of Johannesburg International Airport on our way to meet our National Geographic photo safari group. This was our first safari and our first trip to Africa. We were excited but also a little apprehensive. All we knew was that we

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Planning for the Life You Want

As we often say, how can you get what you want if you don’t have a plan? You need to be the primary focus of this plan. It is about what you want! And the sooner the planning starts, the better. It doesn’t have to wait until people are retired.

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Dos and Don’ts of Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is like running a marathon. Set a steady pace and keep going. It is also important to have a strategy in place to reach retirement and do something each year that moves you closer to realizing it. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you reach

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