Thoughts on Aging from The Maestro

I have thoughts on aging that I would like to share with you. Having reached the age of 84 this July, I believe I have some insights into the aging process.  Oh, if there was only a smile button I could push now!!!

We all are aware of the benefits of mind and body.  You have heard over and over “keep active”, body and brain.  Yes, it’s extremely important.  I know many of you are very aware of this. Working the body, being engaged, in an activity that stimulates the brain.  I think you have heard it all before.  However I feel there is another very important component to making the aging process something miraculous and wonderful.

The quote below is from a research study of over 3,000 people conducted a few years ago at the University of Chicago:

“Chronological Age in and of itself plays almost NO ROLE in accounting for differences in older people’s health and well being.”  

This was a comprehensive study model of health and aging including factors such as psychological well being, sensory function, mobility, and health behavior that is a predictor of mortality better than traditional biomedical methods such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

To me, what we should all focus on is PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL BEING.   How do we accomplish this?  You can’t buy it by prescription.  We need to WORK ON IT.  Engaging our peers, our grandchildren, children, staff, etc., and reaching out to as many as possible.  Having a purpose for getting up in the morning.  They do not have to be monumental.  A project of any kind is good.  Finish your book today.  A beautiful walk around the neighborhood, and on and on.  You’re saying, I know all this, GOOD.  Now spread it to someone that is having a problem engaging.  Share these thoughts. I do believe if we are healthy psychologically, the fitness and brain stimulation becomes easier to accomplish. I also believe in POSITIVITY.

I must tell you about my experience a number of years ago presenting Conductorcise at a venue in Mobile, Alabama.  Following my presentation, a young lady, age 92, came over to me and thanked me for “making her day” and “adding years to my life”.  This brought tears to my eyes.  She then went on telling me that she is president of her “Positivity” Club.  This amazing woman loved purple, her purple dress, her walker was adorned with purple ribbons, her pocket book, – all were a beautiful purple.  Her eyes sparkled, and she was so ALIVE.   She gave me a wrist bracelet that said “POSITIVITY”.  I was now an honorary member of her Positivity Club. I still have it.  She told me she doesn’t associate with anyone that has a negative attitude. “Pulls you down,” says she.  Not a bad thought.  Why put yourself in a position with one that always sees the negative side. I have told my grandson, evaluate your friends.  Do not hang out with “downers”.  You have a choice.  Select those that think the way you do.  They do not have to agree with all, but just have that “up” attitude.  The glass, always half full, not half empty. You are a positive, optimistic young man.  Stick with those friends that have these caring qualities.

Enjoy the moment.  We can dream of the past and future, and we can bring them both into the present.  Live life fully, and please, laugh a lot.  Humor, smiling, nothing like a good belly laugh.  Elbert Hubbard said “Don’t take life to seriously, you will never get out of it alive”.

With that, I wish all health, happiness, peace and learning.

Peace and Joy, Maestro David

Maestro David’s Conductorcise was chosen as one of the only six programs in the U.S. by the International Council on Active Aging for its Innovators Award: “creativity, excellence, and efforts to advance the field of physical activity and aging.”

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