Becoming a Shining Light

Let’s consider this day a few potential fresh ideas moving forward as we embrace 2021!

My mind returns to a time when I visited a group that I have treasured for several decades.  We would gather together each day with joy, starting by lighting a candle in the center of the table,  taking some moments of silence in meditation, and sharing delicious fellowship meals.

While the candle was being lit our host usually shared these words…

“Within you is the light of the world to be shared with the world.”

In the midst of challenges and opportunities, when we might be looking for new ways to reshape our lives, a new outlook into our contribution to the well-being of others may become a source of strength and happy moments.  This is perhaps an opportunity to consider, am I listening when it becomes clear to me that a person is in need to talk?  How am I encouraging people in my inner circle to find reasons for hope?  How can I help special people in my life to re-center and move forward?

A recent study reports conversations almost never end when both parties want them to, so fine tuning our sensitivity to the length of conversations can become a useful resource.

Finding situations to share our individual expectations as we explore life from a new perspective may open doors for others to clarify their own goals and objectives for the future.  We can facilitate this process by attentive listening to their needs and wishes, and sharing our experiences as the opportunity arises.

Bringing our highest understanding in service to others creates harmony in our lives.

I like to visualize 2021 in a spirit of renewal, adding new meaning to all situations.  In this state of mind, memories and dreams build to a creative recollection of our participation in life.  This creative recollection leads to a sense of completeness.  Memory is renewed in a joyful embrace of the moment.  And in our moments of renewal we experience a recovery of our vision.

Our indwelling light brightly shines!


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