Embracing This Moment

“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such….” – Henry Miller

Throughout life we tend to develop resources that contribute to experience a balanced, joyful life.  This is a unique and personal process for each of us.  One of my resources, one of my “Golden Stepping Stones to Wholeness” is to embrace each moment with the whole of myself.  This came to me as the result of many challenging experiences in which I found myself focusing constantly on what had already happened when confronting a difficult situation or in other instances, giving full concentration to the future as life unfolded: my plans and potential achievements in my personal life and career became a priority.  One day I became aware that today is the future of yesterday and the past of tomorrow.  This transformed my approach to living.

I have discovered that every moment can become a fresh emergence into a living reality within ourselves and the world.  Each moment offers me beauty in all that is – the joy of growth and expanding understanding, the glory of action, the splendor in accomplishment.

Living in the present gives intensity to all experience in a welcoming of happiness.  Walking or resting in the midst of the wonders of nature, we can honor the situation by being fully present in the moment.  When we meditate, we become part of all that is in the stillness of the golden silence.  While reading a book we can vicariously live all that is a part of our growing interest.  Each moment is an opportunity to be a witnessing presence, seeing what is from the depths of our being.

A variety of ways abound to explore the nature of being mindful, embracing the present moment and becoming more conscious of life as it happens.  Within them, I would like to mention just a few: Focus on just one task at the time, take time to consider the best ways to act, open space between activities, give your complete attention when someone is talking, take some moments for daily reflection or contemplation, trust in the power of now.  Every moment is filled with realizations anew!

Even though this may seem like a paradox, becoming mindful will facilitate achieving goals and enjoying life with the fullness of ourselves.

Today,  as you may find this exercise meaningful, I invite you to consider a few questions, pertinent to your own sense of living in the present: In what ways do you discover and experience the joy of living each moment?  Is it possible to consider every moment as a celebration of life?  How can this happen?  Do you give full attention to this moment?  How do you bring awareness of your thoughts and feelings in the now?  Focusing in the present is a life-long adventure, a wonder-filled process!

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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