Exploring Life’s Purpose

Michel Montaigne expressed that the great and glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live to purpose.  We are the artists of our life and shape our experiences with our own brush.  When we find our unique mission, we know it with certainty from within.  We attain that which we came to do by expressing the richness of our own personality, using our special talents, and sharing it all with others in everyday life.

Recently a lady approached me during a social gathering and we soon became engaged in a lively conversation exploring meaningful aspects related with people’s missions in life.  She is in the process of clarifying her own purpose in the context of current complex circumstances and I could feel her despair, uncertainty and anxiety as she considered her next steps with a potentially renewed sense of enthusiasm.  I suggested, “Follow the call of your Heart.”

Discovering life’s mission from the heart is a personal endeavor that relates with the call of our souls, many times arising from a new sense of social responsibility and an all-embracing hope, coming from what we value the most.

Experiences in life prepare us to discover our mission in harmony with universal purpose.  As we dedicate ourselves to fulfill our purpose we make ourselves essential to the flow of outer life.  We discover then that we are immersed in all events with a never-ceasing interest and that each experience is an opportunity to rejoice as we share life with others.

Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Peace Pilgrim and many others through history have dramatized in their own vivid ways the calling of their souls in service to others.

When I discover myself contemplating new aspects of my purpose, I experience a sense of expansion when considering a fellow philosopher’s affirmation for prosperity, “I find new use for every inner resource.”

I invite you to reflect on a few questions related with your own sense of mission.

  • What are my primordial priorities based on everlasting values?
  • How can I best employ my special talents for the fulfillment of my mission?
  • What are the new opportunities opening up in my new circumstances?

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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