Reflecting on the Light at the end of the Tunnel

In March 2020 I wrote an article for the Life Lived Forward communities titled, A Time for Opportunities Anew.  Now, in light of the inspiration that has come through recent reflections and  conversations, I would like to consider some flourishing opportunities opening up in 2021.

It is beyond words to remember the innumerable ways in which our lives –  all over the world — have been impacted in the last year beyond the obvious impact given the various restrictions in the usual functioning of society.  Some of these potential effects include the experience of  missing our connections in person and seeing people’s faces, developing different sleeping patterns, having a sense of unease because of a prevailing uncertainty, feeling cognitive overload.  Are you feeling pandemic fatigue?  This is to be expected at this stage of the crisis.  It is worthwhile to keep In mind that human character tends potentially to reveal its best under the most discouraging circumstances.

As a Willow Valley Communities resident said it, “What is 2021 for?  What do I need to let go of?  What do I choose to continue doing?”

Thinking about our values can become a joyful source of inspiration as we move ahead through the pandemic.  Perhaps I have developed new thoughts about the way I choose to do things?  Perhaps my life has been improved through my current interactions with family and friends?  Perhaps I have appreciation anew for nature?  What have I found that is truly essential in my life?    What are my core priorities now?  What have I discovered that is more meaningful to me?

Even though we may visualize the Light at the end of the Tunnel  it may take a while before we return to a more familiar experience of balance as the uncertainty so prevalent in 2020 begins to shift toward a greater sense of stability.

In moving ahead, I have found of value these ideas to facilitate keeping a focus on chosen activities, developing a sense of stability and well-being, and expanding new vistas ahead:

  • Entering every experience wholeheartedly
  • Embracing every phase of life and its enriching potential
  • Seeking a constructive use in all situations in life
  • Welcoming challenges as opportunities to reach new understanding
  • Sharing the best of ourselves with all whom we encounter
  • Experiencing gratitude and a sense of renewal each day
  • Keeping an unceasing interest and aspiration here and now

May Love, Peace, Beauty and Hope continue to brightly shine!

By Mayte Picco-Kline

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