For most people the coronavirus pandemic announced around a year ago came as a surprise.  Personally it was a challenge to suddenly discover that some priorities were about to be transformed and much-needed adjustments would take place in an effort to adapt to this life-changing situation.  How can we move on when struggles come so we can sustain a sense of well-being?  What healthy ways are potentially beneficial to recover a sense of moving forward?  Researchers call these strategies, building skills of resilience.  I would like to share with you this day some potential strategies.

  1. Developing the habit of freely writing personal impressions for a few minutes every day

This method of self-expression allows bringing thoughts to logical thinking, encouraging resolution.  It may take the form of a Diary where we capture the essence of each day.  Our individual needs and preferred ways of expression determine the structure this exercise takes.  I like to include in my Diary a positive statement highlighting the source of inspiration, especially significant for the day, and why it is meaningful.

2. Acknowledging the fluidity of life, its ups and downs, moments of great joy and moments of sorrow

In this state of mind, it is possible to attain acceptance of ourselves and of all situations, acknowledging that each experience is valuable, bringing understanding anew.  To nurture this manner of approaching life, mindful practices – now quite common in the United States – may become a good resource. 

3. Being aware we are never alone

Prayer and religious practices are certainly a source of strength.  It is also valuable to give priority to meaningful relationships with people we are connected with to foster purposeful dialogue.  Talking with others has proven to be a beneficial practice to sustain equipoise.

4. Spending time in golden silence reflecting about life

This practice allows bringing into perspective what we are experiencing in the moment as we consider the whole spectrum of experiences in our lives; our moments of joy and sorrow and how we have recovered a state of balance and stability.  Noticing how our lives have been enriched throughout the years brings opportunities for fresh self-discovery.

5. Maintaining realistic commitments to be accomplished free of exhaustion

Achievable commitments facilitate the spaciousness in life for the development of these strategies, bringing a renewed sense of well-being, moving forward.

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