The Awe of What Can Be

“Abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what already has been given….”  —Sufi saying

In my book, Wholeness in Living, Kindling the Inner Light I expressed my belief that from a perspective of Universal Bounty all we may need will be provided.

“Is this truly possible?”, someone asked.  “You said,” he remarked, that “resource is always at hand.”  “Really?  How about money, “stuff”, family and friends?  How about current health challenges?  How about life shifting conditions in terms of movement, freedom, energy?  How about when life is changing so rapidly…when everything is so different, when I can’t understand it all?”

Another person said, “Let me comment that sometimes “every moment” does not seem to “be the Best”.  Could you please give me some further explanation?”

I believe we experience each moment that which is needed to broaden understanding as we develop the sensitivity to listen to the wisdom that comes from within.  There is always more to learn.  Often difficult situations bring strength anew and equip us to better deal with similar or even more challenging situations in the future.  Each moment is also an opportunity to become further inspired whatever the circumstances might be.  From this perspective, each moment is the best moment, filled with expanding potential for universal bounty.

In this line of thought, as we explore our individual potential, anything is possible.  There are unending possibilities to consider, to embrace, offering new horizons.  Even in the midst of most demanding situations there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

In my experience, with patience, it is possible to access the call of our inner being, the source of who we are; therefore being able to visualize the best that can possibly happen. In dynamic creativity there is self-discovery.   

These are some of my favorite affirmations used when I have been confronted with exacting situations.  I have found them to be meaningful –when needed— to see life as a creative challenge rather than an overwhelming obstacle.  In the face of sorrow and pain, to stand serene, seeing the best in all things.

*  I welcome and accept experience as a source of prosperity and fulfillment.

*  My conscious choices and ongoing actions reflect my inner stability.

*  I exercise the gift of choice in all avenues of experience for a full expansion in living.



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