Transforming Experiences of Uncertainty

I have had interesting, increasingly frequent interactions about what may be perceived as a prevalent feeling of uncertainty in recent times.  This theme is also scheduled for a dialogue at a Socrates Café.  Confronting and accepting the unknown may evoke multiple reactions, “I accept what is.”, “This is difficult to deal with.”,  “I am just going to go with the flow”, “What can I do?”, “How long will it last?”, “We’ll find out when we get there!”, “I am awaiting for new possibilities to emerge!”

            Experiences of uncertainty manifest in each of our lives in a myriad of ways in the light of our vision and priorities, previous experiences and expectations, personal practices (prayer, meditation, walking in silence, etc.), our individual understanding of what is essential, our trust, and our openness to change and new possibilities.

            One potential strategy to overcome uncertainty I have found powerful in personal experience is the consistent use of affirmations to prepare for action each day.  As a dear friend said it, “affirming is active experiencing, it is creating  newness for oneself.”

            Consciously creating positive thinking can become a joyful, wonder-filled adventure!   

            The use of affirmations is based on the belief in the power of inner thought and of the spoken word as representative power of a particular thought throughout life.  Affirmations can be spoken aloud, written down, embraced silently or even sung.  In their rehearsal they have a profound transformative value.  As part of this creative visualization some individuals like to use them during meditation, others say various of them at a particular time of the day.  Some choose to use an affirmation in the early morning, at noon and in the evening just before going to sleep.  Others use them spontaneously throughout the day as the situation suggests.  The use of affirmations and a positive attitude potentially become a way of life.

My daily practice is to use affirmations during a morning meditation.  These are some of them.

  • I meet the life of everyday with never-ceasing interest.
  • Within myself, I build new sense of values every day.
  • I welcome every challenge to my higher understanding.
  • My heart is opened wide to every phase of life.
  • I renew a sense of gratitude each day.

Affirmations inspire hope, revitalization and renewal, and offer endless possibilities in life, opening wide the gateway to the future.

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