You and Your Dog – Active Together

Walking the dog helps your dog stay healthy, but it can be good for your health, too, especially if you pick up the pace a bit. Enjoy the fresh air, the company of an “exercise buddy” and the benefits of daily exercise. Make your routine more fun Dogs and people

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Will Empty Spaces Effect Your Aging?

I was working with a client not long ago who afforded me one of those “epiphany” moments. We were diligently rearranging her kitchen because she felt it difficult to work in.  She said she could not find the things she needed when she needed them, items were scattered about and

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What are the Risks Associated with Joint Bank Accounts?

Owning a bank account jointly with another individual or individuals can be a useful, convenient way to manage your finances in certain situations. However, with the many changes that life can bring, there may be circumstances were you want to get out of a joint bank account or an account

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The “No Fear” Path to Change

In today’s hectic and competitive world, one that our ancestors could have never dreamed of, fear is self-inflicted and chronic, the by-product of our mind running rampant, chattering and creating virtual fearful situations … fear of failure, injury, sickness, loss, humiliation, pain or loss of status. You see, we humans

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The Importance Of Beneficiary Designations

Life insurance and retirement plans compose the largest part of the estate for many people. Insurance death benefits, IRAs, Annuities, and 401(k)s do not pass under your will. They pass under contract law to those persons or organizations who are designated as the beneficiary. Yet many people don’t review their

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Slowing Down The Clock

“What’s going on here?” Ronald Glass, a forty year-old businessman who weighs the same as he did in college, is understandably irritated as he tries on a new pair of slacks at his local department store. “They’re cutting corners everywhere these days,” Ron muses as he attempts to button the waistband. Is Glass the victim of a sizing

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Sleep and Memory

Dr. Winningham’s post features excerpts of Chapter 9, “Sleep and Memory” from his book,”Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory and Ability in Older Adulthood” Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.     Insomnia Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and

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Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft is a serious and very personal crime, affecting every aspect of your life. Thieves can empty your bank account, max out your credit cards, open new accounts in your name, and make big purchase such as cars, furniture or even homes. They may even give your personal information

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Projects That Research Aging Focus On The Same-old, Same-old

The more tech is commercialized, the more researchers ignore it. It’s so interesting and fun to read about research that is going to help seniors, don’t you think? Reporters love to write it, readers love to read it. Someday, they say and readers agree, there will be tech that will

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